Virginia Weidler

Virginia Weidler

Cast at age three in Moby Dick (1930) starring John Barrymore. She was assigned to play a tiny tot who had to remove her dress in front of the camera. Refusing to do so, she was replaced in the role.

For a short time, she was the sister-in-law of Doris Day.

Graduated from Hollywood Professional School in June, 1944.

Had a heart condition for many years, which ultimately led to her early death at the age of only 41.

Her mother died shortly after she did in 1968. She was cremated and her ashes put out to sea.

Husband Lionel Krisel was a naval officer. Their two sons were named Ronnie Krisel and Gary Krisel.

Longtime friend of actress Jean Porter, who kept in close proximity to Virginia up to the time of her death.

When asked about her career in her later years, her husband Lionel Krisel said that Virginia "would always change the subject as quickly as possible without being rude. She never watched her old movies or replied to requests for interviews. Although she was never one to criticize, I think our boys got the impression that their mother didn't think very much of the motion picture industry".

Younger sister of actor George Weidler.