Trudy Marshall

Trudy Marshall

A popular magazine cigarette girl during her modeling days for Harry Conover, she was "The Old Gold Girl", "The Chesterfield Girl" and "The Lucky Strike Girl" at different times.

Former New York photographer's model.

Her film stardom was more or less sabotaged by Fox head Darryl F. Zanuck as punishment for marrying a man against his expressed wishes. Her career didn't survive but her marriage did.

Mother of actress Deborah Raffin

Mother-in-law of Michael Viner.

Semi-retired by the 1960s, she returned very infrequently to Hollywood. One of those times was in a brief role in the movie Once Is Not Enough (1975). which made a semi-name out of her daughter, actress Deborah Raffin, who, like her mother, started off as a model.

Signed by 20th Century-Fox in 1942 and served as a decorative ingenue for a time. Later grew up to play the 'other woman' in a few features.

Signed by 20th Century-Fox Pictures and groomed in bit parts, her best known featured role was in the WWII war drama The Fighting Sullivans (1944), the true story of a family who lost all five enlisted sons in the sinking of the USS Juneau off Guadalcanal in November of 1942. Trudy effectively played a surviving sister who joins the Navy after her brothers' death.

Was discovered by Harry Conover of New York's famous Conover Model Agency.

Was the charming hostess of her own radio and TV show in the 80s in which she interviewed stars attended special Hollywood events.