Stuart Whitman

Stuart Whitman

Alfred Hitchcock considered him, along with Cliff Robertson, Robert Loggia (who played the part in Psycho II) and Tom Tryon, for the "Sam Loomis" role in Psycho (1960), but the part went to John Gavin.

Daughter, Linda Whitman (b. 1956)

Ex-brother-in-law of Jan Smithers.

Father-in-law of Mary Ann Kellogg.

He and his French-born second wife Caroline Boubis have a son, Justin.

Initially studied both law and drama at Los Angeles City College after he was discharged from the Army in 1948.

Older brother of actor Kipp Whitman.

On October 12th 2007 he received a Silver Spur Award at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City.

Sons, Tony Whitman (b. 1953), Michael Whitman (b. 1954) and Scott Whitman (b. 1958).

Thanks to good financial investing, he had amassed a personal fortune of $100 million as of 1998.

Was a light-heavyweight boxer while serving the Army. Ironically, it was his role as a prizefighter in the play "Dr. Christian" that brought him his first leading role in a movie, playing Johnny in Johnny Trouble (1957) opposite Ethel Barrymore.

Was booked to star as Bowen Tyler in The Land That Time Forgot (1975), but American International Pictures vetoed his casting, and he was replaced by Doug McClure.