Stewart Granger

Stewart Granger

Adopted his professional name not to be confused with James Stewart.

Became a naturalised US citizen together with Jean Simmons in 1956. He renounced his American citizenship in 1967.

Best friend was Michael Wilding

Even though he was quoted as saying he didn't like any of his movies, he does say in his autobiography, "Sparks Fly Upwards", that Saraband (1948) was one of the movies he starred in that he did like.

Father of Tracy Granger (with Jean Simmons) and Lindsey Granger and Jamie Granger (with Elspeth March.

Had an extramarital affair with Deborah Kerr

Has made more than 60 movies and once grumbled that he couldn't stand any of them.

Stewart became an overnight star in England after appearing the movie, The Man in Grey (1943).

Stewart became England's top box office star in the 1940s which attracted Hollywood's attention.

Stewart did his own stunt work

Stewart proposed to Jean Simmons after seeing her as Kanchi in Black Narcissus (1947).

Stewart was a friend of Michael Powell's and when he heard Powell wanted a dancer for The Red Shoes (1948) he suggested that Powell take a look at Moira Shearer.

Took sword fencing very seriously for his dashing roles in The Prisoner of Zenda (1952) and Scaramouche (1952). He was so earnest in mastering the skill of fencing that he took lessons from a retired Olympic fencing champion. During his preparation for Scaramouche (1952), his fencing lessons and practice made him wear out a dozen or so pairs of fencing shoes. He adorned the cover of Life Magazine when the film was released and the title was "Stewart Granger: Swashbuckler". Perhaps the only actor superior to him in fencing at that time was Basil Rathbone.