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Simone Signoret

Simone Signoret

Author of 'Adieu Volodia', a novel about a group of Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and Russia and their children, working in the theatre/film industry in Paris during the years 1926-1945.

Born at 2:30am-CET

Born to André Kaminker (1888-1961), a Polish linguist, and his French wife Georgette Signoret, she had two younger brothers, Alain and Jean-Pierre.

Buried in Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris with her husband Yves Montand.

First woman to win an Oscar for "Best Actress in a Leading Role" for a non-American film.

Grandmother of Benjamin Castaldi.

Mother of Catherine Allégret

Original choice to co-star with Elvis Presley in Wild in the Country (1961) but turned down the offer and the role went to Hope Lange.

Portrayed on a postage stamp issued on 3 October 1998 by the French Post Office.

Published her autobiography "La nostalgie n'est plus qu'elle était" ("Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be") in 1976.

Signoret, her mother's maiden name, was chosen for films in the early 1940s to raise fewer questions with the Nazi authorities than her real surname Kaminker.

The late American singer and composer Nina Simone took her stage name from Signoret.

The spring and summer of 1960, Signoret and Montand were neighbors in a three-apartment bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller across the hall and Howard Hughes upstairs. Monroe told her dresser, who wrote a biography, that Miller liked to talk to Signoret because she was so intelligent and that after Signoret went back to France to make a film and Miller went to New York to work on a play that Monroe and Montand did indeed have the affair that was speculated about in the press.

Tutored English and Latin, while working part-time for "Le Nouveau Temps", a newspaper published during the German occupation.

Was able to speak French, German, and English.