Shirley Knight

Shirley Knight

1959 Deb Star.

Appeared in the L.A. stage and British film version of Dutchman (1967), a racial drama, which was produced by her then-husband Eugene Persson. She won the Venice Film Festival award for her cinematic performance.

Ex-mother-in-law of Daniel Passer.

She studied drama at HB Studio in Greenwich Village in New York City.

She was nominated for a 1977 Joseph Jefferson Award for Guest Artist for her performance in the play, "The Landscape of the Body," at the Academy Festival Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

The runaway story of her character Natalie Ravenna in The Rain People (1969) inspired the character of Dolors (Montse Caminal) in the Short film Silence (2007).

Two daughters: Kaitlin Hopkins and Sophie C. Hopkins

Won Broadway's 1976 Tony Award as Best Actress (Featured Role - Play) for "Kennedy's Children." She was also nominated in 1997 as Best Actress (Play) for "The Young Man from Atlanta."