Scott Brady

Scott Brady

According to Scott's son Tim, Scott had a falling out with brother Lawrence Tierney in the late 1960s that lasted nearly two decades.

Appeared occasionally on stage in such touring productions as "Picnic," "Detective Story" and "The Best Man". He made his Broadway debut in the 1959 musical "Destry Rides Again," based on the James Stewart/Marlene Dietrich film classic of the same name. The musical starred Andy Griffith and Dolores Gray with Scott playing the villainous role Brian Donlevy played in the original.

Born Gerard Tierney, his family was not related to actress Gene Tierney.

Brother of Lawrence Tierney and Edward Tierney

Had two sons: Timothy and Terence.

Offered the role of Terry Moore's boyfriend in Come Back, Little Sheba (1952), but had to turn it down due to other film commitments. Richard Jaeckel played the role.

Scott dropped out of high school to enlist in the Navy and got his G.E.D. a couple of years later. At the enlistment station he initially got into the line for the Marines but switched to the Navy when he saw his friends in that line, a decision he thinks saved his life. Similarly, in the Navy he volunteered for gunnery school and was assigned to be a torpedo bomber tail gunner but eventually found himself as a mechanic's mate, another life-saving twist of fate in his opinion.

Scott was a fanatical fan of Notre Dame football and knew many players and coaches personally. For years it was his annual tradition to throw a party for the team at his home in the Hollywood Hills when they came to California to play USC.

Scott was an avid Notre Dame football fan.

Scott's brother Edward Tierney became a building contractor after quitting as an actor, and Scott financed several of his projects. One of these includes the apartment building where the infamous Wonderland murders took place.

Scott's father Lawrence Sr. retired to California in the late 1950s and, through his sons, got some work in print advertising.

Was originally offered the part of "Archie Bunker" in "All in the Family" (1968) but turned it down. The part was eventually played by Carroll O'Connor.