Ruth Gordon

Ruth Gordon

Natalie Wood was so fond of her that she named her the godmother to her firstborn Natasha Gregson Wagner.

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Her obsession with acting was partly inspired by a performance she attended of "The Pink Lady" at a Boston theatre. It starred Hazel Dawn as a seductive Parisian vamp.

Her only child, a son named Jones Harris (born 1929), was the product of an out-of-wedlock relationship with Jed Harris, in between marriages.

There is a 2009 biography of the lives and careers of the Kanin family (Garson Kanin, Ruth [Gordon], Michael Kanin and Fay Kanin): "A Family Affair - The Kanins in Hollywood and on Broadway" written by Josh Kanin (her nephew by marriage) and Wayne Lindholm.

Was a close friend of actor Bud Cort.

Was excited about returning to films after 22 years with a role in "The Loved One" in 1965 and looked forward to having a movie career despite her advanced age. When her role was cut from the final release print, it was a major disappointment, but she persevered and won an Oscar three years later for "Rosemary's Baby.".

Was nominated for Broadway's 1956 Tony Award as Best Actress (Dramatic) for portraying Dolly Levi in Thornton Wilder's "The Matchmaker."

Was portrayed by Jean Simmons in the movie, The Actress (1953).