Ross Hunter

Ross Hunter

Some sources, including Halliwell as well as the World Almanac, cite Hunter's year of birth as 1921. Others, including The Film Encyclopedia (Katz) and The Encyclopedia of Film (Monaco/Baseline) cite it as 1916. The New York Times's obituary article on Hunter, which appeared in that newspaper's 12 March 1996 issue, cited his age at death as 75. According to the latter prescription, then, simple arithmetic would define Hunter's date of birth as 6 May 1920.

Was a life partner of producer/set decorator Jacques Mapes. They were together for over 40 years - one of the longest Hollywood relationships! Ross and Jacque produced films together including Rosie! (1967) and Airport (1970).

Was the original producer of Sweet Charity (1969). He was forced to drop out after a conflict with director Bob Fosse over how to handle the racy story line.

Was the recipient of the 1959 Golden Laurel Award for his motion picture Imitation of Life (1959) starring Lana Turner. In addition to this Best Dramatic Award presented in the name of the Film Buyers of the Motion Picture Industry, he also came in at ninth place for the Top Producer Golden Laurel. It was his first appearance in the Laurel Awards. He would be nominated for the Top Producer Golden Laurel each year from 1959 to 1968, in 1970 and 1971, finally winning the award in 1968.

When actor Martin Fuss went to Hollywood in 1944, it was Columbia Pictures' casting director Maxwell Arnow who suggested he change his name to Ross Hunter. After 8 years of acting, Hunter turned his hand to producing movies.