Robert Donat

Robert Donat

Campaigned to be cast against type as Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist (1948), but Robert Newton was cast in the part instead.

Father of John Donat.

Favorite actor of British comedy legend Peter Sellers, who once said about Bob Donat: "I thought he was a god."

Great-uncle of Lucas Donat.

He did not feel comfortable with Hollywood, so Hollywood came to him, filming mostly in England.

He said that his favourite actors were Charles Chaplin, Paul Muni, Spencer Tracy, Greta Garbo and Deanna Durbin.

He was English born of Polish descent, and several of his brothers emigrated to Canada.

He was originally scheduled to play the title role in Captain Blood (1935) but withdrew before shooting began, which created an opportunity for Errol Flynn to become a star.

His last words on screen are: "We shall not see each other again, I think". "Farewell, Jen-Ai". (Spoken to 'Ingrid Bergman's' character 'Jen-Ai' ("the one who loves people") in 'The Inn of the Sixth Happiness'). He passed away shortly after filming was completed.

Lobbied for the role of the Chorus in Henry V (1944), but Leslie Banks was cast instead.

Uncle of actor Peter Donat.

Was the favourite actor of Judy Garland, who wrote a fan letter to him after seeing his performance in The Count of Monte Cristo (1934).

When he died in 1958, he left none of his $70,000 estate to wife, Renee Asherson. Instead his estate was divided among his three children, Joanna, John and Brian.