Richard Whorf

Richard Whorf

A director of lighter entertainment in the 1950s and 1960s on such shows as "My Three Sons" (1960), he had three sons of his own.

As a teen was on the summer stock stage with the Copley Theatre Players.

Brother of famed linguist Benjamin Whorf (1897-1941). Whorf's primary area of interest in linguistics was the study of Native American languages, particularly those of Mesoamerica. He became well known for his work on the Hopi language, and for his principle of linguistic relativity.

His film acting debut was a prime featured part in Midnight (1934) with a relatively unknown actor, Humphrey Bogart, appearing in a small but standout role. Ironically, Richard's last major acting role, Chain Lightning (1950) was in a Bogie film vehicle in which Richard is killed off.

Staid, darkly handsome young actor of Broadway who played sedentary second lead film roles during WWII.

Whorf died just hours before Walt Disney.

Won Broadway's 1954 Tony Award as Best Costume Designer for "Ondine."