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Richard Ney

Richard Ney

Became an investment counselor and author of best-selling books about the stock market after retiring from the film industry.

Father of Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay.

Godfather to Brian Hooper, a Harvard Law graduate and Washington, D.C.-based attorney.

Graduated from Columbia University with an economics degree.

Grandfather of Minka Kelly.

He drove a Rolls Royce to assure people that he firmly believed in capitalism.

He has a step-daughter named Marcia McMartin.

He has an economics degree from Columbia in New York.

He played the second lead and the same character, Sgt. James Spenlow, in two separate European movies. The movies had a different star and some different actors, but they were based on the same novel and released in different years,the French version in 1950 and the Austrian in 1951.

His career pretty much ended before it really started by war service and his stormy divorce from Greer Garson, who was beloved by the public. The struggling actor was viewed as a hanger-on and the divorce did not go over well with the general movie-going public. During the divorce proceedings, it was also alleged that he made derogatory remarks about her age.

Met and married actress Greer Garson after playing her son in the classic war film Mrs. Miniver (1942). She was actually 12 years older.

There were only two people who weren't allowed to be guests on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" (1962). One was Ralph Nader and the other was Richard. He was at one time a financial-advice show host.

When his first book, "The Wall Street Jungle", came out in 1970 it was on the New York Times best seller list for 11 months, yet it met major resistance. Not only would the New York Times not review the book, and the Wall Street Journal went so far as to refuse to take an ad from a New York bookstore that featured the book. Two other of his books were "The Wall Street Gang" (1974) and "Making It in the Market" (1975). He gained nationwide notice in 1962 for accurately predicting the stock market crash that year.