Phyllis Calvert

Phyllis Calvert

Daughter Ann Auriol born 1943, son Piers born 1954.

In the 1940s she was Britain's 2nd most popular actress, coming less than 900 votes behind winner Margaret Lockwood in one poll.

Met husband actor Peter Murray-Hill during the run of a West End production of "Punch Without Judy" in 1939. He later became a well-respected antiquarian bookseller specialising in eighteenth-century books.

Mostly known for her rather lightweight film roles in drawing-room comedies or costumed melodramas, she subsequently played weightier roles on the stage, such as Jean Anouilh's "The Rehearsal" in 1961 and Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" (1971).

Often typecast as the virtuous victim, but proved to be more versatile than previously expected by the 1950s. Calvert's role in Mandy (1952) has often been regarded by critics and fans alike as a high point in her career in that the film allowed her the opportunity to demonstrate a range that all too often went untapped earlier in her film career.

Worked in Hollywood for 7 years without success and returned to Britain.