Peggy Ann Garner

Peggy Ann Garner

Ed Sullivan gave her away when she married Richard Hayes on February 22, 1951. Her parents were absent from the event.

Daughter Catherine Ann Salmi died in 1995 of premature heart disease at age 38. Peggy's strong-willed mother, Virginia Garner Swainston, had outlived both her only child and her only grandchild.

In June 1944 the New York Times reported that Garner would star in an adaptation of the Nelia Gardner White short story "The Little Horse" for 20th Century-Fox with André Daven producing. When the movie finally went before the cameras Connie Marshall was cast in the role of Kitty, and the movie was retitled Sentimental Journey (1946).

Known to have dated Jackie Cooper and Eddie Fisher.

No one knows the location of the Oscar that she received on March 7, 1946. This award was presented to her by Bob Hope.

Took her special Oscar to bed with her the night she received it.