Paul Henreid

Paul Henreid

Directed more than 28 episodes of the "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955) series.

Father of Monika Henreid.

Father of Mimi Duncan

He was "investigated" by the notorious House UnAmerican Activities Committee during the McCarthy "Red Scare" period in the 1950s, and was subsequently blacklisted in Hollywood.

In 1943, he and his wife Lisl purchased the luxurious "Fonda House", designed by architect Paul Williams, from Henry Fonda and his wife Frances for $42,000. In 1970, tired of the expense and work to maintain such a large property, they sold that house and bought a smaller one in Pacific Palisades. Norman Lear was a later owner of the Fonda/Henreid house.

Interred at Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica, California, USA.

Was wary about appearing in Casablanca (1942) for fear that it would ruin his image and cause him to fade from the public eye. Ironically, it's the very film which immortalized him.