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Patricia Roc

Patricia Roc

Andre Thomas was unable to have children. When Patricia's affair with Anthony Steel in 1952 resulted in the birth of a son, Thomas accepted paternity.

Her father was Dutch, her mother, half French.

Her first marriage in 1939 was to a Canadian Osteopath 20 years her senior. It lasted only a few years

One son, Michael (born in Paris), from an affair with "Something Money Can't Buy " co-star Anthony Steel. Michael was raised as the son of her second husband Andre Thomas.

One son, Michael (born in Paris), with Andre Thomas

Patricia Roc was the first homegrown British star to go to Hollywood under a "lend-lease" deal between Rank Pictures and Universal Studios. She costarred in the western "Canyon Passage" in 1946 alongside Susan Hayward, who said after filming that "that Limey glamour girl is a helluva dame." A then, struggling actor by the name of Ronald Regan, was also romantically involved with Roc while filming "Canyon Passage".

She made her stage debut in 1938 in a London production of the comedy, "Nuts in May", where she was spotted by movie mogul Alexander Korda. She then made her screen debut in the 1938 costume epic "The Rebel Son". She had a 40-film movie career that blossomed during WWII.

She was adopted as a baby by Andre Riese, a wealthy Dutch-Belgian stockbroker, who gave her his last name. She didn't learn of the adoption until she was 34 years old.

She was described by the head of her studio, J. Arthur Rank, as "the archetypal British beauty" and "the Goddess of Odeon's". She was also described by Sir Noel Coward as "a phenomenon" and "an unspoiled movie star who can act".

She was educated at exclusive schools in London and Paris, and studied at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

She was one of Britian's 10 box-office stars for 10 consecutive years.