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Osa Massen

Osa Massen

After retiring from the screen, she served on the foreign film selection committee for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Because she was often confused with Ilona Massey and Ona Munson, she changed her stage name to "Stefanie Paull" for one movie, but reverted back to Osa Massen for her next film.

Ex-daughter-in-law of Jean Hersholt.

Ex-sister-in-law of Jean Hersholt Jr..

Her expert multi-lingual skills had her sidelining as a dialect coach throughout much of her career. She worked with John Wayne on his Swedish accent and Thomas Mitchell on his Irish in The Long Voyage Home (1940).

Married three times, her last husband was a dentist (divorced).

Played femme fatales and other ladies with secrets in war-era Hollywood.

She met second husband Dr. Harvey Cummins while volunteering for the Red Cross. He was involved in army medical work. They married in 1947 but he died only 3 1/2 years later.

Was once a newspaper photographer.