Michael Pate

Michael Pate

Also look at Felippa Pate.

Brother-in-law of Phillip Rock.

Father of actor Christopher Pate

Fought in the Australian army during World War II.

He was awarded the O.A.M. (Order of Australia Medal) in the 1997 Queen's New Years Honours List for his services to the performing arts as an actor, producer, and writer for the Australian Film, Radio, and Television Industries.

Interviewed in "It Came from Horrorwood: Interviews with Moviemakers in the SF and Horror Tradition" by Tom Weaver (McFarland, 1996).

Invited to join AMPAS in 1961.

Son-in-law of Joe Rock and Louise Granville.

Though he often played Indians in movie and TV westerns, he was in fact a Caucasian born and raised in Australia.

Twice played Indians who rescued heroes of TV westerns from painful punishments. In a 2-13-59 episode of "Rawhide" (1959), he intervened to keep Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood from being flogged while tied to tree trunks. In a 9-15-67 episode of "Hondo" (1967), he saved Ralph Taeger from having hot coals poured on his bare chest while lying staked out on the ground.

Was the first actor to play James Bond's CIA counterpart, Felix Leiter, in the television adaptation of Casino Royale. In this version, however, he is renamed Clarence Leither and, since Bond and Leiter's nationalities were reversed, he was an MI6 agent instead.