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Mae Busch

Mae Busch

Aunt of Brenda Scott.

Best remembered for her work in various Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy comedies, especially when playing Hardy's shrewish wife.

Financially supported her father Frederick Busch until his death.

Her ashes weren't claimed until the 1970s by members of the "Way Out West Tent."

Her star number at the Hollywood Walk of Fame is 7047.

In the 1920s, she lived in Hollywood at the Hillview Apartments at at what is now 6533 Hollywood Boulevard. The building survives and has been restored but is not available to the public.

Known as "The Versatile Vamp" during the Silent era.

Several years after her death she would gain extra fame when Jackie Gleason frequently referred to her as "The ever-popular Mae Busch".

She was educated in the United States at a New Jersey convent.

Was valued by early directors for her expert skill at "crockery throwing."