Madeleine Carroll

Madeleine Carroll

1938: Her salary was reported to be over $250,000, making her the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.

After her sister Marguerite was killed in a London bombing raid, she halted her acting career and worked in field hospitals as a Red Cross nurse. She was given the Legion d'Honneur for bravery in France.

Became a US citizen in 1943.

She appeared on the NBC Radio program "Chase and Sanborn Hour" October 30, 1938, with Nelson Eddy and Dorothy Lamour (vocalists), Robert Armbruster and his orchestra, starring Edgar Bergen (Charlie McCarthy), Don Ameche (host), Judy Zeke and Anne Canova. She performed with Eddy, Ameche and Bergen.

She studied at Birmingham University (UK). Her father wanted her to be a French teacher, but she defied him and became an actress.

She was the first of Alfred Hitchcock's "ice-cool blondes", and was the highest-paid Hollywood actress of her time.