Lucille La Verne

Lucille La Verne

First diagnosed with cancer in 1933, forcing La Verne to have two surgeries. The cancer resurfaced in 1937, forcing her to retire from acting and have more surgery. The cancer came back for a third time in January 1945, and claimed her life four months later.

Has been nominated several times for induction to the Theater Hall of Fame, but due to the overwhelming number of nominees each year, she has yet to make the cut.

Her wicked voice lending as The Queen in "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs" was ranked #10 on the American Film Institute's villains list of 100 years of The Greatest Heroes and Villains.

Provided the voice of the vain, wicked stepmother and her alter-ego, the black-hooded, apple-proffering hag, in Disney's first animated feature, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

She started her stage-career as a child. Had her own theatrical company, which she started in 1898.

Was one of the first of the well known Broadway actors to return to stock and regional theaters on occasion to act and direct.

Was seriously injured in a car accident in Los Angeles in 1932. While trying to avoid a swerving car, La Verne's car hit a telephone pole and she dislocated five vertebrae