Ken Osmond

Ken Osmond

After retiring from the police force, he made his living from various Los Angeles-based rental properties which he maintained himself.

Father of Christian Osmond and Eric Osmond

He was severely typed as TV's favorite insincere school-age brownnoser ("Good morning, Mrs. Cleaver!") in the late 50s and early 60s and eventually was forced to quit the business.

In the original "Leave It to Beaver" pilot, there was a character similar to Eddie played by another boy actor. In the third episode of the series entitled "New Neighbors," the Eddie Haskell character with Ken in the role made its debut.

Is a member of the American Legion.

Rumor had it that Ken later become a porn star. The truth is that legendary adult film actor John Holmes billed himself satirically under the name "Eddie Haskell" a few times. Ken, an ultra conservative, was outraged and launched a $25 million suit that went all the way to the California Supreme Court. The court ruled for Holmes, however, stating that the name was protected as a satire. This case set a precedent in the matter, and is still referred to by other cases in California today. The owner of one L.A. adult movie house that had put up his marquee reading "Eddie Haskell of TV in 'Behind the Green Door' X-rated," was asked to remove the billing by none other than Police Officer Ken Osmond.

Spent most of his 18 years of service assigned to Central Traffic Division where he was rarely recognized as 'Leave It to Beaver' character.

There was another urban legend that once had fans thinking Ken was actually Alice Cooper, the rock singer. This originated from a Rolling Stones interview with Cooper. Cooper stated that he was "Eddie Haskell" as a child. Mr. Cooper was, of course, speaking metaphorically, but some readers interpreted it literally and the rumor went rampant.

Was shot three times in the line of duty as an LA cop.