Keenan Wynn

Keenan Wynn

Father of Ned Wynn with first wife Evie Wynn Johnson. Ned is the author of the funny but tragic autobiography, "We Will Always Live In Beverly Hills", which chronicled the wild life of a boy growing up with famous, divorced parents. It offers a fascinating and revealing look into his mother's eventual marriage to Van Johnson.

Father of screenwriter Tracy Keenan Wynn.

Grandson of Frank Keenan

He was uncle to The Hudson Brothers due to his marriage to Sharley (they are her nephews). Daughter Hilda was married to actor/singer Paul Williams from 1993-2004. Daughter Emily died in her early 20s from cancer.

In the film, A Hole in the Head, Keenan Wynn plays a character based on Walt Disney who agrees to go into a partnership with Tony Manetta (Frank Sinatra) to build an amusement park in Florida (the film predates Disney World).

Interred along with his father Ed Wynn at Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA., in the Great Mausoleum, Holly entrance, Daffodil Corridor.

Introduced Steve McQueen and Lee Marvin to the power of Triumph motorcycles on a hill climb.

Keenan helped push his father Ed Wynn to become an actor.

Keenan's wife Evie Wynn Johnson was a young actress who toured with Katharine Cornell but gave up her career when she married Wynn.

Part of the reason for his eventual loss of hearing was due to the fact that he raced just about anything on land or water and most of the vehicles were loud and unmuffled. He was a regular feature in and around the Detroit, Michigan, area racing boats, cars and motorcycles, sometimes racing boats on the Detroit River (the border between the US and Ontario, Canada).

Suffered from tinnitus (a chronic ringing in the ears) during the last years of his life, forcing him to wear hearing aids. Appeared with them in a photo accompanying a 1983 "National Enquirer" article, where he personally warned young people to protect their hearing.

Two sons with wife Evie Wynn Johnson): Ned Wynn ("Edmund") and Tracy Keenan Wynn.

Was originally to play Perry White in Superman (1978), but had to drop out upon arriving in London for filming due to heart problems.