Karen Morley

Karen Morley

Had a son Michael by first husband Charles Vidor.

Had been considered for the role of Mrs. Connelly in the 2003 Drew Barrymore film, Duplex (2003). Had she received the role, it would have been her fifth with a member of the Barrymore family.

Her MGM career fell apart after marrying director Charles Vidor, one of Hollywood's bright promises at the time. It seems it didn't sit well that she had nabbed him over prettier stars and it affected the way the public viewed her as an ingenue. By the late 30s she was reduced to small roles.

Hollywood folklore has it that she broke into films when she read lines with actors being tested for Greta Garbo's movie Inspiration (1931) in 1931. She was so convincing that director Clarence Brown cast her in a prime role.

In 1954, she ran unsuccessfully as a New York lieutenant governor candidate for the American Labor Party.

Originally a pretty starlet/ingenue in Hollywood, Morley's career was ruined 50 years ago by the Hollywood Blacklist/McCarthyism. She has long been a staunch left-wing activist around the San Francisco area. Now in her 90s, she appeared in a Vanity Fair photoshoot featuring other surviving victims of the Blacklist in December, 1999.

She had one child, a son, Michael Karoly Vidor born on August 26, 1933. He was 66 years old when he died March 30, 2000 in the town of Eastsound on Orca Island, Washington.

She only made one film, an independent western called Born to the Saddle (1953) after testifying before the Senate Committee hearing alongside her second husband Lloyd Gough, who shared her 'leftist' views. Both then dropped completely out of sight. He eventually came back in the 60s, she didn't.