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June Marlowe

June Marlowe

Best known for her role as Miss Crabtree, the kids' pretty teacher, in the "Our Gang" comedies. She didn't audition for the role; in 1930 series director Robert F. McGowan noticed her in a department store and, struck by her shyness and fresh-faced beauty, asked her if she'd be interested in a job in the movies--not knowing that she was, in fact, an actress and had been appearing in films for the past seven years.

She was a natural brunette, but producer Hal Roach suggested she wear a blonde wig when she started working in the "Our Gang" shorts to match Jackie Cooper's blonde hair.

She was born Gisela Goetten, the oldest of five siblings. She, Armor E. Goetten, Louis Marlowe, Alona Marlowe and her brother Gerald had careers in the film industry.

Was one of thirteen Wampas Baby Stars of 1925.