Judith Evelyn

Judith Evelyn

A French novel based on her character in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window (1954), Miss Lonelyheart, was dedicated to her. Published under the title "Mademoiselle Coeur Solitaire" by author Sébastien Ortiz, it reprises many scenes of the movie, but under her point of view instead of main character Jefferies' (played by James Stewart) and is also inspired by her inner thoughts. [Éditions Gallimard, 2005, 149 p., ISBN 2070774643]

In 1939, was traveling to Canada with her father aboard the 'Athenia' when it was torpedoed in the Irish Sea. She was one of the only six survivors (out of the original eight-five) who were eventually rescued. Her father perished.

She played Ann Downs, the woman who drives her husband to a nervous breakdown, in the original Broadway production of "The Shrike".

Stage actress who made occasional films.