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Joi Lansing

Joi Lansing

As Joy Loveland, she began posing as early as age 13, and at age 17 attended MGM's studio talent school.

Chicago Tribune columnist, Toni Remineh, was her press agent at one time.

Her parents, Jack Glenn Brown, a shoe salesman, and Virginia Grace (Shupe) Brown, were devout Mormons. They divorced when Joy was young and her mother later married Vernon Loveland, who adopted her.

Known as a Hollywood party girl, among her many flings were Mickey Rooney, George Raft and Frank Sinatra.

Measurements: 38 1/2-23-35 (on "The Bob Cummings Show" (1955)). (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).

She was considered for a regular continuing character role in the "Adventures of Superman" (1952) TV series after the success of her role as "Superman's Wife" in the final season, filmed in the fall of 1957, but the series was canceled; she might have returned to the series in 1959-60 if only George Reeves had lived to make it.

Was married four times. Her first marriage occurred at the age of 17 but lasted less than a year. Her second, to Columbia sales manager Jerry Safron, was over within four months. Her third, to handsome actor Lance Fuller, ended in separation and divorce after only a year and a half. She was long estranged from fourth husband, Stan Todd, an investment broker who became her manager, by the time she died of breast cancer in 1972.

Was strongly in the running for the role in All About Eve (1950) eventually taken by Marilyn Monroe.