John Le Mesurier

John Le Mesurier

Asked his wife Joan to place in The Times the following announcement of his death: "John Le Mesurier wishes it to be known that he conked out on November 15th. He sadly misses his family and friends."

His autobiography "A Jobbing Actor" was released posthumously in 1984.

His surname was pronounced like "measurer" - the "i" was silent.

In her book, "Dear John", Joan Le Mesurier gives her husband's date of death as 16th November 1983.

Quoted as saying "It's all been rather lovely" before slipping into a final coma.

Separated from his wife Joan Le Mesurier in the mid-1960s when she had an affair with their mutual friend Tony Hancock. John was understanding, and they began living together again after Hancock's death in 1968.

Two sons with actress Hattie Jacques: Robin Le Mesurier and Kim Le Mesurier.