John Gavin

John Gavin

Alfred Hitchcock was unhappy with his performance in Psycho (1960). He thought John's acting style was wooden and referred to him as "The Stiff" in interviews.

Although he lost the part of James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever (1971), he received his full salary for the role.

Grew up completely bilingual in English and Spanish.

He and Constance Towers have 4 children: Cristina and Maria Gavin and Michael and Maureen McGrath.

His mother was of Mexican descent.

President of Screen Actors Guild (SAG). [1971-1973]

Served as air intelligence officer with the Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence. [1952-1955]

Served as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico by appointment by his friend, US president Ronald Reagan in May, 1981. Both Gavin and Reagan had served as president of the Screen Actors Guild.

Signed on for the role of James Bond after George Lazenby