John Berry

John Berry

Guilty by Suspicion (1991) writer-director Irwin Winkler based the character of the director being investigated for communist sympathies in McCarthy-period Hollywood on Berry, who had appeared as the nightclub owner Ben in the Winkler-produced film 'Round Midnight (1986).

Ex-father-in-law of Jean Seberg.

Father of Dennis Berry.

Father-in-law of Anna Karina.

Purposely dubbed Charles Bronson's voice with a very strong American accent for the French track of Farewell, Friend (1968).

Was named as a member of the Communist Party by Hollywood 10 member Edward Dmytryk in Dmytryk's 1951 testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee, when the blacklisted director "named names" to revive his Hollywood career and effect a return from exile in Europe. After Dymytrk's testimony, the formerly disgraced director, who had served a prison term for defying HUAC in 1947, was allowed to resume his Hollywood career and direct movies in America, but Berry was blacklisted and went into exile in France. Ironically, Berry had directed the documentary The Hollywood Ten (1950).