Jean Rochefort

Jean Rochefort

Former student of CNSAD.

Has five children: Marie, Julien, Pierre, Clémence and Louise.

He has a son, Pierre, born 1981, from his relationship with actress Nicole Garcia.

He learned English seven months before the start of the production "The Man who Killed Don Quixote".

His other passion is horses. In 2004 he became a consultant on horseback riding for French TV.

Member of jury Festival International de Cannes 2003

Was cast as Don Quixote, but became seriously ill during the ill-fated making of a failed movie that was going to be called "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote". That and other circumstances led to the production being halted and the abandoning of director Terry Gilliam's film. A documentary was made about these occurrences, called Lost in La Mancha (2002) .