Jane Bryan

Jane Bryan

Devout Roman Catholic who was married to industrialist Justin Dart.

Does not give interviews.

Her stepson, Justin Dart Jr. (1930-2002), was a powerful activist for disability rights and helped write the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Jane's daughter, also named Jane, became the wife of John Campbell, who was an assistant to John Ehrlichman during the Nixon administration, in 1972.

Jane's husband, Justin Dart, was a former All-American football player and heir to the Walgreens Drugstore chain which his first wife Ruth's father Charles Walgreen had founded. At Walgreens Dart was responsible for the innovation of the pharmacy counter at the back of the drug store.

Served on the Federal Arts Commission in Washington.

She and her husband amassed a large collection of about 70 artworks that Jane later donated to the Monterey Museum of Art. They are housed in the Jane and Justin Dark Wing in La Mirada, a branch facility of the museum.

She and her husband convinced their friend Ronald Reagan to run for governor of California.

She and her husband were licensed pilots and flew company planes all over the country on various business trips.

Warner Bros. friend Bette Davis married her second husband, Arthur Farnsworth, at Jane and her husband's Arizona ranch in 1940.

Was a protégée of Bette Davis, and they remained close friends after her retirement.