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James Garner

James Garner

A big Oakland Raiders football fan. Could be seen on sidelines with the team during games.

According to an article on TV westerns in Time Magazine (March 30, 1959), Garner stood 6'3", weighed 206 lbs, and had chest-waist-hips measurements of 44-33-40.

Although Garner is a lifelong liberal Democrat, his best friend is a conservative Republican.

Before he was an actor, he did everything from work at a gas station to model men's clothing.

Best known by the public for his starring role as the title character in "The Rockford Files" (1974).

Driver of pace cars at the 59th Indianapolis 500 (May 25, 1975), the 61st Indianapolis 500 (May 29, 1977), and at the 69th Indianapolis 500 (May 26, 1985).

Early in his career, he appeared as one of the judges in "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial" on Broadway. He said his part consisted mostly of listening to the other actors, and he said it was a great lesson. He feels listening is just as important as speaking as an actor.

Enjoyed great celebrity with his Polaroid commercial series with Mariette Hartley, which started in 1977. He and Mariette were so convincing as husband and wife that Mariette had a T-shirt made that proclaimed, "I am not James Garner's wife!" More than 300 commercials were produced.

Father of Gigi Garner, author of "The Cop Cookbook" and "Girl Talk".

Garner has said he stood 6' 3" at his peak, but he was frequently reported as 6' 1" early in his career and, in comparison to other actors, he never seemed to loom at 6' 3". These days, since his 70s, few have seen him to be over 5' 11" and he has admitted he was shrunk an inch or two.

Had both knees replaced. [2000]

Had helped organize Martin Luther King's famous "March on Washington" civil rights demonstration, four years before going to Vietnam. (1963).

Had quintuple heart bypass surgery. [1988]

Has a stepdaughter, Kimberly, from his wife's first marriage.

Has a street named after him in his hometown of Norman. "James Garner Ave".

Has played two different characters named Jim who served in the Korean War: Jim Rockford in "The Rockford Files" (1974) and Jim Egan in "8 Simple Rules" (2002).

He and his wife Lois Clarke were married at the Beverly Hills Court House just two weeks after they met at a political rally.

He has two brothers, Jack Garner & Charlie Baumgarner.

He starred in 3 popular TV series: "Maverick" (1957) for 3 seasons, "The Rockford Files" (1974) for 6 seasons, and "8 Simple Rules" (2002), for 2 seasons.

He was a good friend of the late Paul Newman. Garner has appeared together with both Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward in several movies.