Harry Saltzman

Harry Saltzman

At one time owned two dogs, one called James, and the other called Bond.

Father of Steven Saltzman and Hilary Saltzman'.

Had a habit to complain and send everybody's food back at nice restaurants. His former companion Albert R Broccoli once said: "If he was at the last supper, he'd sent that back too".

His wife Jacqui Saltzman appeared briefly as a passenger on a train in From Russia with Love (1963). She was also a gas-station employee in Switzerland in "Goldfinger" were Bond drops off Tilly Masterson, but the scene was cut.

Member of jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978

Sold off his share of the Bond films in 1975 to United Artists.

Worked for the "OSS" during World War II.