Hal Price

Hal Price

Balding, stocky-framed vaudevillian and stock company player who came to films in middle age at the advent of sound. He served primarily in a minor but very reliable capacity in the 30s and 40s, appearing in hundreds of movies (mostly westerns) portraying various bartenders, mayors, store owners, ranchers and staunch town leader types.

Father of actress Lu Leonard.

He and second wife Amy worked in stock companies and vaudeville together. Their baby daughter, who grew up to be character actress Lu Leonard, traveled with them. Amy died in 1939 when Lu was barely a teenager.

His parents were John Price and Angy Vine Price.

Like Hal, first wife Eleanor worked in vaudeville during their marriage. They later divorced.

One of the standout shows of Hal's entire career was the 1945 revival of "The Red Mill." The show was created in Los Angeles and by the end of the year had made it to Broadway, where it ran for more than a year. Hal went on to tour with the show throughout the U.S. for some time. Hal was with the show for its entire run.

Small part actor in hundreds of Republic Pictures during the 40s and early 50s.