Grady Sutton

Grady Sutton

Came to Hollywood during a summer vacation with his roommate, the younger brother of director William A. Seiter. Grady was invited onto the set of one of Seiter's films and by chance given a job as an extra. He stayed in town for over six decades.

Did a slew of commercials over the years for such products as Chevrolet, Ford and Mean Mary Jean.

During World War II he was refused by the Army because of a bad stomach so he worked at Lockheed in order to support his country's war effort.

See him as the would-be bridegroom to Carole Lombard in La Cava's My Man Godfrey (1936).

Signed for a series of Hal Roach two-reelers called the "Boy Friends" which also co-starred Mickey Daniels from the original "Our Gang" shorts.

The never-married character actor was known for his rather unflattering blank-looking country bumpkin portrayals and, though unbilled in many of his movies, usually enjoyed a side-splitting one-liner or two.