Francis X. Bushman

Francis X. Bushman

Although the nickname "King of the Movies" was eventually given to Clark Gable, it is engraved on Bushman's headstone in Los Angeles.

Always accompanied by five Great Danes - amazingly, he had another 295 living on his 280-acre Maryland estate.

At 5 foot 11, he was often shorter than his 6 foot co-stars and even some of his leading ladies. In many of his early films, he stood on a box to make him taller in close-ups.

Died after a fall.

Drove around Hollywood in a Marmon limousine which had his name embossed on its sides.

Entered films with Essanay Studios.

Father with Beverly Bayne of Richard Stansbury Bushman, who later changed his name to Bayne, and killed himself in 1957.

Father with Josephine Fladune of art director Bruce Bushman, Virginia Bushman, Lenore Bushman, Josephine, and actor Ralph Bushman.

Grandfather of actor Pat Conway and Barbara Bushman.

He donated land to Sid Grauman, on which now sits Mann's (formerly Grauman's) Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California.

Was the first film actor to be called "King of the Movies." That label would, in later decades, be affixed to Clark Gable, where it still remains.

When appearing on the "You Bet Your Life" radio show on February 3, 1958, he stated to Groucho Marx that during his career, that he had received over 17,000 marriage proposals from amorous female fans.