Faith Domergue

Faith Domergue

Adopted at 6 weeks old. Her parents never told her she was adopted.

At one time, she was touted as the next Jane Russell.

Children with Hugo Fregonese: Diana Maria (b. 1 January 1949) and John Anthony (b. 22 August 1951). John is co-principal of urban planning firm Fregonese-Calthorpe Associates in Portland, Oregon.

From late 1930s-early 1940s, lived across the street from Helen Talbot and her family, on S. Carmelina Avenue in Brentwood, California. They were also in the same class at University High School in West Los Angeles, California.

Her last name was properly pronounced "Dah-mure," but was often mispronounced "Dommer-gue."

In the early 1930s, her family moved to California, where she took piano and singing lessons.

Is portrayed by Kelli Garner in The Aviator (2004)

She spoke French, Spanish and Italian well.

She was signed to a movie contract by Warner Bros. while still in high school. Howard Hughes met her at a party on board his yacht when she was 15 and bought her contract.

She worked in movies and television, but regretted never having done any theater.