Elyse Knox

Elyse Knox

A "B" actress most her career, she retired in the late 40s to raise a family, came back sporadically to do commercial work.

Began as a fashion designer and model for Vogue magazine before heading into film work.

Besides being married to a football star, Tom Harmon, her brother, Ron Knox, played quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and her son, Mark Harmon, was a star quarterback at UCLA.

Ex-mother-in-law of Ricky Nelson, Mark Tinker and John DeLorean.

Grandmother of Sam Nelson, musicians Gunnar Nelson and Matthew Nelson, and actress Tracy Nelson.

Mother of actor Mark Harmon, actresses Kristin Harmon and Kelly Harmon

Mother-in-law of actress Pam Dawber.

When she married football star and World War II serviceman Tom Harmon, her wedding dress was made out of the parachute that saved his life in the Pacific Theater.