Elizabeth Allan

Elizabeth Allan

According to the website Cinemorgue, Miss Allen played characters who die of childbirth-related illnesses in three different films: Men in White (1934), David Copperfield (1935) and A Woman Rebels (1936).

Agent Wilfred (Bill) J. O'Bryen became her husband in 1932 and took a major interest in her career. He later became a senior executive with Alexander Korda and Michael Bacon. He died in 1977.

Briefly a kindergarten teacher before becoming an actress.

Her contract with M.G.M. came to an end when she sued them after being replaced by Rosalind Russell as leading lady in The Citadel (1938).

Her family moved to Darlington, South Durham, where she attended Plan Hall School and won a gold medal in elocution.

On contract to MGM until 1938 - returned to UK. In later years became popular on TV panel games.

Trained at the Old Vic before moving into British films in 1931.

Youngest of six children born to Dr. Alexander William and Amelia Allan.