Eddie Mayehoff

Eddie Mayehoff

Earned a Tony-nomination as Best Supporting or Featured Actor (Dramatic) for his work in "A Visit to a Small Planet" in 1957.

Earned a Tony-nomination for his work in "Visit to a Small Planet" in 1957.

His father was Mordecai Mayehoff who was a Russian born Jew. His mother was named Maud and she was born in Maryland.

Later in life he became a partner in a sales promotion and advertising firm and dropped out of sight. The only time he was seen on camera was in radio and TV commercials as "The Old Pro" spokesman for Falstaff Beer.

Married four times but had no children. He considered only one of those marriages, which lasted eleven years, serious. He never had any children.

Though born in Baltimore, he spent most of his youth growing up in Norwalk, Connecticut.