Dolores Hart

Dolores Hart

1957 Deb Star.

Advanced to prioress at the convent in Connecticut.

At the time she became a nun, she was engaged to marry Don Robinson. He never married and remained a close friend.

Attended St. Gregory Grammar School in Chicago, Illinois for 8th grade.

Daughter of actor Bert Hicks. Her parents divorced when she was quite young.

Holds the unique distinction of being the only nun to be a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Niece of Mario Lanza.

Of Irish and Italian extraction.

She is now called Reverend Mother Dolores Hart, and is prioress of Regina Laudis (Queen of Praise) Abbey in Bethlehem, Connecticut.

She received an honorary doctorate from Fairfield University in 2004.

Stays active in the arts as an Academy voter by reviewing films.

Suffers from neuropathy, a crippling disease she has had since 1997.