Diana Dors

Diana Dors

A tribute to Diana Dors, "Good Day", was written by Ray Davies after her death and is included on The Kinks' Word Of Mouth CD.

At age twenty she was the youngest registered owner of a Rolls Royce in the country.

Dors was the maiden name of her grandmother.

Former mother-in-law of Cathy Hughart Dawson.

Grandmother of Morgana and Ruby Lake, Lauren, Lindsey Dors, Tyler Emm and Emma Rose Dawson.

Her third and last husband, Alan Lake, committed suicide five months after her death.

In 1972, she joined a campaign aimed at allowing prisoners to have sexual intercourse with their wives, in jail.

In 1974, she contracted meningitis but miraculously survived. 8 years later she was diagnosed as having cancer from which she died in 1984.

In her final years, Diana spent a lot of time working for various religious and charity groups.

Measurements: 36 1/2D-24-35 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Met future husband Alan Lake in October 1968 on the set of 'The Peeling of Sweet P Lawrence'. This was an episode of "The Inquisitors", an ITV adventure series produced by LWT which commenced production but was never broadcast.

Only daughter of Mary and Peter Fluck.

She never owned a mansion without a swimming pool. It was her ambition as a child playing in a mud pond in her front yard to have her own swimming pool when she grew up.

Son, with Alan Lake, Jason Lake.

Sons, with Richard Dawson, Mark Dawson and Gary Dawson.