David Niven

David Niven

In the James Bond novel "You Only Live Twice," by Ian Fleming, he is referred to, and a pet bird in the story was named after him. Three years after the book was released, he played Bond in Casino Royale (1967).

Interred at Chateau D'Oex, Switzerland.

Is portrayed by Nigel Havers in The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004).

Joined the British Army's Rifle Brigade regiment and served through Dunkirk, joining the commandos and later the secret Phantom Reconnaissance Regiment. He spent most of the time behind German lines with the latter outfit, a rough, tough, hit-and-run group harassing the enemy.

Met director Blake Edwards, when Edwards was writing and directing films for Four Star Television, a production company partly owned by Niven.

Once wrote that as a child, he felt superior to others. He attributed this to the fact that when reciting the Lord's Prayer in church, he thought for several years that the correct phrasing was, "Our Father, who art a Niven . . . "

The look of DC Comics super-villain and archenemy of the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro is based on him.

Was born on St. David's Day, hence his Christian name. St. David was the patron Saint of Wales.

Was on stage at the 1974's Oscars when a naked man ran behind him.

Was originally meant to play the lead role of Charlie Allnut in The African Queen (1951).

Was too ill to attend Grace Kelly's funeral in September 1982.