Charles Farrell

Charles Farrell

An explosion on the set of the film that made him a star, Old Ironsides (1926), left a technician dead, several bystanders injured and blew out Farrell's eardrums, leaving him partially deaf for the rest of his life, something he was fairly careful not to let on.

Buried at Welwood Murray Cemetery, Palm Springs, CA

He was one the early founders of Palm Springs.

Not to be confused with the Irish-born character actor in UK films Charles Farrell.

Owner and proprietor of Charlie Farrell's Racquet Club in Palm Springs, California.

Served as the mayor of Palm Springs, California, from 1947 to 1955.

Television allowed Farrel to stage a successful comeback, which culminated in "The Charles Farrell Show" (1956) (1956-1960). After the show's cancellation, Farrell retired to the desert.

When his career began to decline in the 1940s, Farrel became a land developer in Palm Springs, California.