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Burt Ward

Burt Ward

Best known by the public for his starring role as Robin on "Batman" (1966).

Daughter, Lisa Ward, was born in 1966; daughter, Melody Lane Ward, was born in February 16, 1991.

During his run as Robin in "Batman" (1966), one influential Roman Cathoic organization was outraged by the fit of Robin's tights. He wore one and even two supporters at one point but they were still not pleased.

Ex-son-in-law of Mort Lindsey.

Has a black belt in karate.

He recorded a record with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, "Orange Colored Sky & Boy Wonder I Love You".

He used a total of 352 "holy" words throughout the entire 120 episodes of "Batman" (1966).

He was the world's youngest professional skater at the age of three.

It has been suggested that Ward was given that screen name by the producers of the Batman TV series because his character Dick Grayson was Bruce Wayne's Ward. Ward says he chose the screen name himself as it was his mother's maiden name.

Learning to speed read, he was tested before the American Medical Society in Beverly Hills. His highest speed: 30,000 words per minute with 90% comprehension. He was featured in an article entitled, "Will The Real Boy Wonder Please Stand Up?" and appeared on the national reading show, "Read Right".

Runs a charity that rescues and cares for abandoned Great Dane dogs.

The late movie star Bruce Lee, who also played Kato on "The Green Hornet" (1966) series, was a neighbor and close friend of Burt'a.

Ward has said he was considered for the role that went to Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. However, his connection with the Batman TV series prevented him from being considered seriously for the role.

Was the third actor to play the comic book character Robin/Dick Grayson.

When asked to give a speech at Harvard about his role on "Batman" (1966), he brought the original costume, said to be valued at a half-million dollars. Some students came up to him dressed as security guards and told him they would keep the costume safe. Then in the middle of the speech, one student stood up and asked, "When is a costume not a costume? When it's stolen." The lights dimmed and the students grabbed the costume and made off. After snapping pictures with one another in the cape, they later called Ward and gave the costume back. The ringleader of the gang? Harvard Lampoon editor Conan O'Brien.

Wrote an autobiography, "Boy Wonder: My Life In Tights", in which he described his experiences on the "Batman" (1966) TV series' set, his relationship with co-star Adam West and his sexual escapades with his fans.