Brock Peters

Brock Peters

Buried at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, California. Revelation Section Plot Number 3529 next to his wife DiDi. The cemetery is located at 6300 Forest Lawn Drive, Glendale, California. It borders Griffith Park and has spectacular views of Hollywood and the valley.

Has one daughter, Lise Jo

He had a longtime companion, Marilyn Darby.

He played Darth Vader in the NPR radio dramatizations of "Star Wars" (1981), "The Empire Strikes Back" (1983), and "Return of the Jedi" (1996).

He provided the singing voice for the song "Whizzin' Away Along De Track" in Carmen Jones (1954), performed on screen by Roy Glenn.

He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Live Theatre at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

His accolades include a National Film Society Award, a Life Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild, and a nomination for Broadway's 1973 Tony Award as Best Actor (Musical) for "Lost in the Stars".

His birth name was George Fisher. Appropriately, he shares his first name with Star Wars creator George Lucas and his last name with Carrie Fisher, who played Darth Vader's daughter, Princess Leia Organa.

Inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame in 1976.

Member of the jury at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1993

Not counting Frank Welker's voice in "Star Wars"-related video games, he and Clive Revill are the only "Star Trek" actors who have also played characters from "Star Wars", and they both played Sith Lords. Revill was the original voice of Darth Sidious in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Peters played Darth Vader in the NPR radio adaptation.

Provided the voice of Jack Johnson on the Miles Davis album "A Tribute to Jack Johnson".

Read the eulogy at the funeral of Gregory Peck, on June 16, 2003. Peters played Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) - the black man accused of raping a white girl that Atticus Finch (Peck's character) defended in court.

Sang background vocals on Harry Belafonte's hits "Banana Boat (Day-O)" and "Mama Look At Bubu".

Was friends with Charlton Heston, having worked with him in numerous plays throughout the 1940s and 1950s and films throughout the 1960s and 1970s. They were slated to star in a biracial cast of "Romeo and Juliet" in 1946 that would have had Peters playing "Tybalt" and Heston as "Mercutio" that was abandoned because of a lack of financial backing.