Bobby Darin

Bobby Darin

Did not find out until the age of 32 that the woman he thought to be his sister was in fact his mother and and the woman he thought was his deceased mother was in fact his grandmother. This was listed in VH1's "100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock and Roll History" (2001).

Early in his career, while performing "Rock Island Line" on The Dorsey Brothers' "Stage Show"(1956), he had the lyrics written on the palms of his hands, as he had to learn the song on short notice.

Elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.

He lost his hair in his early 20s and wore a toupee thereafter.

He made his TV debut March 10, 1956 , on the Dorsey Brothers' "Stage Show" performing "Rock Island Line".

He signed Wayne Newton to his record producing company (TM Music) and had him record "Danke Schoen", which was originally supposed to be recorded by Darin himself.

He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 1735 Vine Street in Hollywood, California.

His #1 hit song, "Mack the Knife", had a strange connection with the number "59": it was the 59th #1 single of the rock era, it entered the Billboard charts at #59, and was the second biggest-selling record of 1959.

In 1964, he was "The Heart Ambassador" for The Heart Fund charity.

Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1999.


Rather than internment, his body was donated to the UCLA Medical Center.

Recorded with legendary Nashville guitarist Hank Garland.

Seriously campaigned for the role of Tony in "West Side Story". Ironically he would wind up winning his only Golden Globe in 1962 for "Most Promising Newcomer" in a virtual tie with with Richard Beymer, who got the role as Tony and Warren Beatty who had also seriously campaigned for the same role.

Son, Dodd Mitchell Cassotto (aka Dodd Darin), with Sandra Dee.

Was portrayed by Kevin Spacey in Beyond the Sea (2004/I).

Went to the Bronx High School of Science

When he was still a struggling songwriter at the now famous Brill Building he met then up-and-coming singer Connie Francis. After a rocky beginning, the two hit it off and were soon madly in love. He had wanted to marry Connie but her overprotective father wouldn't let her date, let alone marry, anyone. When Darin suggested the two elope, he was chased from one of her shows by her father with a gun. The two only saw one another twice after that incident, once during a television appearance in which the two sang together and once during the filming of "This Is Your Life" (1952) of which Connie was the subject, in which the announcer had congratulated Bobby on his recent marriage to actress Sandra Dee. Connie has stated several times that not marrying Bobby was one of the biggest mistakes she has ever made in her life.