Ben Turpin

Ben Turpin

Appeared in early Vogue and Keystone comedies, having joined Keystone in 1917, and later in Mack Sennett films and Pathe shorts.

As a gag, Ben Turpin had his eyes insured by "Lloyd's Of London" in case they might come uncrossed.

He invented a Hollywood tradition by being the first actor to receive a pie in his face.

He was not only a popular comedian, but his shrewd major investments in real estate made him one of the richest men in Hollywood.

Interred at Forest Lawn, Glendale, California, USA, in the Great Mausoleum, Begonia Corridor, right side, at the very end.

Turpin had a reputation as being somewhat argumentative with directors. One day while he was making a film at Sennett Studios, he was giving one director quite a bit of trouble. Exasperated, the director said, "One more word from you, Ben, and I'll uncross your eyes!" (it was commonly believed at the time that a sharp blow to the head could cause crossed eyes to uncross). Terrified of losing his claim to fame, Turpin was compliant for the rest of the day. Mack Sennett himself heard the exchange, and from then on whenever Turpin started acting up on the set, Sennett would make the same "threat", and Turpin would immediately behave himself.