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Anne Jackson

Anne Jackson

Mother of actors Peter Wallach, Katherine Wallach and Roberta Wallach.

Red-haired Broadway actress from the "Method" school of acting who earned a Tony nomination as Best Supporting or Featured Actress (Dramatic) for her work in "Middle of the Night" in 1956 and won an Obie opposite her husband, actor Eli Wallach, in 1963 for a pair of plays - "The Typists" and "The Tiger". She ventured infrequently into film and TV comedy as frumpish wives or wise-cracking confidantes.

She, her husband Eli Wallach and their daughter, Roberta Wallach, have all made guest appearances in "Law & Order" (1990) in different episodes.

Was named "Queen of Brooklyn" at the Welcome Back to Brooklyn Festival in 1998. Her husband Eli Wallach was named "King of Brooklyn" at the same festival.